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Refer friends, colleagues, Instructor, Coach, and neighbors (maybe even that stranger you met down the street) to us. For each person you refer who becomes a customer, we’ll reward you with $50 in Visa gift cards.

Interested? It’s easy to get started.

1. Join

Think our Martial Arts software solutions are the bee’s knees? Join our referral program by clicking on the ‘Refer Now’ button below and simply enter your name and email into the form.

2. Share

After joining our referral program, you can immediately start telling everyone you know about the awesome power of Black Belt Membership. Just use the unique referral link that’s provided to you when you sign up.

3. Earn

When someone you’ve referred becomes a customer (thank you!), you’ll receive a $50 Visa gift card! Yeah, it’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Black Belt Membership referral program?

Our referral program is super simply and will reward you for each and every new customer you refer to us.

What happens after I join?

Once you join, you’ll get access to your account dashboard. This is where you can see how many friends you referred, along with information about the program requirements and summary of each level in the compensation plan.

How do I track my rewards?

View and track your referrals online anytime! Visit your exclusive member page to view and track all of your unique referral codes. Rewards will only be paid once the referral has become a customer, and you will be notified immediately by e-mail.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

There is no cap on how much you can earn from referrals at Black Belt Membership Software However, it’s important to know that you will only be rewarded for new customer referrals. Additionally, self-referrals are not eligible to receive a reward. But if you are interested in learning more about our martial arts software, we encourage you to visit our website."

What companies are a good fit for Black Belt Membership?

Here at Black Belt Membership, we work with a ton of martial arts schools who are looking for a better way to manage the day to day operations. From membership management to student data, we have a solution for everything you could imagine. In fact, we’re talking with a lot of people who run martial arts school . If you know someone who runs one of these types of businesses, refer us. We’d love to talk to them

When will I get my Visa Gift Card?

The card will be delivered by email after the referral is deemed an eligible Referral Customer (see program terms and conditions for more details).