Member & Family Summary

This feature provides you to have easy access to the personal information of any member and to keep track of it. You get access to the Martial Arts CRM tools to make the proceedings.

You can check the following information of any member stored in the Martial arts System:

1. Name, Address, Family Names, Mobile, Home, Work Phones, Emails

2. Member & Family History

3. Promotions & Rank History

4. Attendance History

5. Payment History

6. Multiple Contacts

7. Cashier

8. Disciplines

Increase Member Retention
Black Belt automates most of your tasks but doesn't fall back in reporting you in time about the issues that need your attention. It makes it possible to maintain member retention by creating visual alerts and create reports upon member birthdays, absentees, payment delays. You may make a simple phone call to get them back on track at the right time.

Manage Memberships
Using Black Belt Membership Software, you can enroll members on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and long term agreements. You can track the expiration dates and payments due upon these agreements. You can get print outs of the agreements to get them signed by both parties. With this feature, you can additionally allow Auto-Renewing memberships, Automatically retry and fail payments every few days, auto-send email links so that members can pay online. You can proceed with term memberships or ongoing memberships. Using Martial Arts Software, you can add as many memberships to each member, have family shares memberships and billing through credit card/ EFT, auto charge a late fee, etc. You can always stay aware of which member is past due date of payment.