Through Black Belt, you can easily enter the attendance of the members quickly and efficiently. The System uses different methods to do so. A few of which are attendance card barcode scans, plastic membership card, class rosters, after school Check-In and checkout, and self-check-In using the tablet. Through the Attendance feature, you get a full attendance reporting of how many classes a member attended during a period, how much attendance he made since last belt exam, and who attended a specific class.

  • Barcodes: you can use barcodes to detect members and keep their attendance records. These barcodes can be printed on Attendance cards, Key Tags, or Anything you like.
  • Attendance: you can do a live attendance as well through Black Belt Membership Software. You can take a "Roll Call" Attendance from the Mat using either your tablet or phone.
  • Attendance Check-in & out: The Black Belt Sign-in & Sign-out Kiosk is used by Black Belt software to either check-in members into a class or lets them train through an individual station.
  • Attendance Tracking: Now, you can easily track the attendance of your members through either a manual entry, by scanning a barcode, etc.