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World's Easiest Martial Arts Membership Management Solution! Makes it Easy to spend more time on the Mat.

Martial arts software

Martial Arts Software, Easy-to-Use, Fully-Featured

Black Belt Membership Software is a great product for martial arts business owners. This system will help your school to grow by managing your members. At less than the cost of other systems, this software is a must have for all martial arts schools.

Grow Tools

Grow Tools for Your Martial Arts Business. Make decisions with summaries and graphs of income, attendance tracking, leads and more.

Martial Arts Belt Promotions

Black Belt allows you to save rankings and belt exam results of each member. You can pre-define your belts, colors, requirements, and exam parameters into the System

Digital Waivers & eSignature

Our easy-to-use software makes digital waivers a snap. Integrating with Black Belt, our online registration & membership platform. Saves time and eliminates the hassle of printing. Storing or filing paper waivers both online and at your facility.

Mass Communication

Staying in touch with your members will be the best choice. You will make in the communication sector of your business. Our communication feature allows you to do it easily and feasibly.

Recurring Payment Simplify

If you run a martial arts or related business. Dont like the idea of giving credit, why not bill for your services and collect payments? This app will save you tons of time on collection and help build an honest, loyal following.

  • Martial artists Automated Payment
  • Set up auto recurring payments and terms that are customized for your business.

  • Martial artists Next Day Funding
  • Fast deposits, Transparent pricing & no surprise fees. Know exactly what you pay and get paid fast.
  • Martial artistsAutomated Card Updater
  • Ensure uninterrupted payments, particularly those with recurring payments. By updating card-on-file account information
  • Martial artists Cashier
  • Take multi-payments with cashier. Processor payments such as Cash, Checks, Credit Card & ACH Transactions in one place.
  • Martial artists Online payments
  • Members simply pay their bills online with Black Belt payment portal. Black Belt send out an email with a link to access their open payments.
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Martial Arts Membership CRM Tools<

Members Management Tools

Our Members Management solution is a martial arts business tools. That makes it very easy for you to keep track of your members. It has software and many security measures to keep your information secure.

You can check the following information of any member stored in the System:

  • Name, address, family names, mobile, home, work, phones, emails
  • Member & Family history
  • Attendance History
  • Multiple-Discipline
  • Multiple-Belt Ranking
  • Waivers Management
  • Multiple-Contacts
  • Payment History

Black Belt software to manage your members. You can automate data entry by its users and create reports on the fly. You'll also be able to cancel memberships of those. That have an issue with payments, or anyone that has not been seen in a long time.

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Level Up your Martial Arts School with Opportunities!

Leads generated software will help you keep track of which prospects. Are open to hearing about your martial arts school. Where they currently live, ages, and personal interests.

  • Leads generated webform for your Martial Arts Business website

  • Collect the contact information of interested customers.

  • Lead & Trial Management

  • Collect the contact information of interested customers. Nurture your leads from interest to fully fledged members.

Black Belt Membership Software has got your back while you manage lead opportunities. Search by Lead type and interest: You can do easy searches based on interest.

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Martial Arts Leads Opportunities

Video Testimonials

Next Level Membership Master Daniel Osorio


Owner of United Martial Arts School Doral & Miami, FL

Recommend to any martial arts school—one of the best martial arts software in the market. I have been using Black Belt Membership software for my three taekwondo academy for the past 7 years. The multi-discipline & ranking system feature has to help me collect all my exam fees with ease. Their customer service is very responsive, always able to have someone on the phone.

Great software for martial arts to tracking membership, students' progress and billing. The Martial arts software is easy to use, membership tracking is excellent. When there is an issue the customer support is very responsive.

Frank P

Palm Coast, FL

This is one of the best Martial Arts software in the market. It has a low rate and it's not a complex system to use. The new design works on my iPhone and iPad beautifully.

Orlando C

Miami, FL

Great Martial arts software, easy to use, great customer service. Will definitely recommend...

Rima R

Buford, GA

Excellent software for a martial arts program! Makes my life easy by keeping up with payments and attendance. Keeps my martial arts students organized.

Nancy J

Omabma, NE

Black Belt Membership is one of the Best Martial Arts Software. Fantastic for keeping attendance and scheduling events, such as belt testing. Belt testing has never been easier for me. The automated billing & messaging feature is also an amazing. As Martial Arts school owner one the Best Martial Arts Software.

Amy L

New York, NY


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is martial arts Software?

    What is Martial Arts Software? Martial arts software allows schools, studios, dojos and other membership organizations. To organize their contact information, track member attendance, belt promtions. Activity, send out reminders or promotions through electronic communication tools. Accept payments in a secure environment.

  • What is Black Belt Membership Software?

    Black Belt Membership is a web based martial arts CRM Software. That provides martial arts schools, gyms, club and any business managing membership. Since it is web application. It can be-accessed by your staff anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Black Belt Membership offers a wide range of features to help you manage your members. Some of Black Belt Membership. Features include Attendance Tracking, Communications Email/SMS, Promotion, Lead Capture Forms and Events.

  • Black Belt Membership is available at several different price points. Depending how many members are in the system. Black Belt Membership is $79.95 for Unlimited Members. But, it also provides discounted prices based on the total amount of members. To help new starters achieve their goals without breaking the bank. See pricing for more info.

  • Black Belt Membership hosted with GoDaddy on servers in North America. GoDaddy provides the quality desired for growth. Supplying redundant storage, and supplying outstanding cyber-security.

  • Your information stored in Black Belt Membership with cyber security and firewalls. Sensitive personal information encrypted at rest. All data backed up daily.